2016 Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival

This year’s Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival (PACMF) will be at Plymouth University, from 26 to 28 February. Pianist and composer Marcelo Gimenes will play in three events:

Performance without borders (sound installation by Pierre Largeron and Marcelo Gimenes):

“Performance without borders is born from a meeting of music and technology that challenges the idea of a live show, asking members of the audience to input their musical ideas simply through a mobile phone application, extending the boundaries of performance to the limits of the Internet

Embodied iSound and (sound installation by Marcelo Gimenes):

Embodied iSound is an immersive sound ride across frontiers of sonic spaces that members of the public will be invited to enjoy and, at the same time, control in real time with their own hands using iOS-based smartphone devices from the centre stage of the installation”

Bat Wars: The Four Awaken:

Imagine a movie in which Darth Vader meets Batman. In this performance four computer movie-bots interact with each other using artificial intelligence (AI). Their dialogue is generated live during the performance and they emotionally evolve and communicate together, with four characters acting like Darth Vader, Batman, Superman, and Luke Skywalker. A classical violinist and pianist provide a live soundtrack which, because the bots can hear through a microphone, further manipulates the bots’ emotions.

You can find more information here: http://cmr.soc.plymouth.ac.uk/event.htm

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